If you followed the saga of the new MRI unit being transported to MDI Hospital from Wisconsin, you know that Wednesday and Thursday were very difficult and trying days after the trailer became stuck on the Penobscot Narrows Bridge Wednesday, and then at the Asticou Inn, in Northeast Harbor on Thursday.

Late Thursday, the unit successfully arrived in Bar Harbor. The MRI unit will be a gamechanger for MDI Hospital's patients and doctors, as I'm told there's nothing comparable north of Portland.

Zak Fleming, the Fleet Manager of Trans-United penned the following on a closed group on Facebook, Downeast Maine Traffic and Road Conditions

Hey everyone! I am the Fleet Manager at Trans-United, inc, the company that brought the MRI building to your hospital today in Bar Harbor, ME.
It was a long and stressful trip, without doubt. We are glad that we arrived today and hope that all you feel the same way.
Our driver Mike Saxton said he has never in his career been so welcomed by a community. Typically us working around turns causes extreme frustration and tempers by the community, this wasn’t the case today.
He mentioned that several of you came up to him, complimented him, asked if he needed anything, even offered him dinner, etc.. He has never received that kind of a response from anyone, especially in those circumstances.
Bar Harbor showed it’s true colors and we want to thank all of you for your help and patience as we did everything possible to get this MRI building to your hospital. If you have any pictures or comments you want me to pass on to our driver please comment them in this post.
We appreciate all of you!
I witnessed the actions of the crew involved in the transport at the Asticou Inn, yesterday. It was relatively warm, and they were just under 11 miles away from their final journey. Yet, everyone was calm, no swearing, professional and were even ordering food from the Asticou while waiting for the wrecker.

Congratulations on a successful completion of your journey, and I hope you have a safe and uneventful trip home. Maybe you can come visit Mount Desert Island again and appreciate the beauty without worrying about if your trailer will make that turn!

Update - There's now a GoFundMe campaign looking to raise money to bring Mike Saxton back to MDI for a vacation

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