A woman and three children are dead following a mobile home fire Thursday morning. The State Fire Marshal's office has released the identities of the victims. Three others who also lived in the mobile home weren't home when fire started, although one woman is being treated for smoke inhalation.

The State Fire Marshal's office says the fire  at the Westgate Mobile Home Park in Caribou was reported at around 7 o'clock this morning. Firefighters found the bodies of a mother and her three children in the back bedroom. Killed were 28-year-old Norma Skidgel, 2-year-old twins Mason and Madison Delisle, and 3-year-old Trenton Delisle. Trenton would have turned 4 next week.

Skidgel's sister, Amy Bouchard, and her two sons also lived in the house. She and one of her sons left before the fire started and went to the bus stop. When Bouchard returned, the house was on fire. Her other son had spent the night elsewhere. She's being treated for smoke inhalation at a Caribou hospital after she tried to get into the trailer to save the victims.

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire. One smoke detector was found in the home but the battery had been removed. It's not clear whether there were other smoke detectors in the mobile home.

This is the deadliest fire in Caribou's recent history and comes only 19 days after a fire in Portland killed six young people in an apartment house. In addition, a man in St. Francis died on Wednesday after he used a flammable liquid in his woodstove.

Mainers are reminded to make sure their homes have working smoke detectors. In addition, it's crucial to have and practice an escape plan, so family members know two ways to get out of every room in the home. And designate a meeting place outside and away from the home where the family can gather in the case of a fire and know that everyone got out safely.