U.S Representative and gubernatorial candidate  Mike Michaud announced late Sunday night in an op-ed piece that he is gay.

Michaud who has served as a six term Congressman representing District 2 in Maine, issued an op-ed piece that was published in the Bangor Daily News, Portland Press Herald and Associated Press.

Michaud wrote

"Growing up in a large Franco-American Catholic family, it's never been in my nature to talk about myself. I write this now merely to let my opponents and the outside interests who fund them know that I am not ashamed of who I am."

He further stated

"I don't plan to make my personal life or my opponents personal lives an issue in this campaign. We've had enough negativity in our politics and too many personal attacks over the last few years. We owe it to the people of Maine to focus on how we get our state back on track"


Michaud is running for Governor against Independent Elliot Cutler and Republican Paul LePage.

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