Mercedes-Benz is in the middle of a huge controversy over a somewhat outrageous but fake TV advertisement in which a young Adolf Hitler is run over and killed by a Mercedes C-Class! In fairness to the car manufacturer, the ad was created and produced by a group of German film students for the First Steps film competition, which is sponsored in part by Mercedes. In the ad, a Mercedes C-Class is seen driving through Hitler's hometown in Austria. The vehicle's collision-prevention feature helps it avoid hitting two young girls, but the car then mows down a young boy who ends lying dead in the middle of the road with his body twisted in the shape of a swastika. The ad cuts to a young mother who witnessed the crash from the window of her home and runs out screaming, "Adolf!" Then comes the tagline: "Detects dangers before they come up." The ad isn't actually going to run on TV and, despite sponsoring the competition, Mercedes spokesman Tobias Mueller said his company's lawyers have ordered the filmmakers to include a disclaimer that notes the ad has no relation to the Mercedes brand whatsoever. Mueller also called the ad "inappropriate."

(Source - Ananova)