The MDI High School Speech Team attended the Bangor High School Speech Tournament--the first of the season, on Saturday, October 29, 2016 and came away with two 1sts, a 2nd, two 4ths, 2 5ths and a honorable mention.

The Team is coached by Davonne Pappas and consists of Co-Captains Andrea Eaton (Senior), Ella Pappas (Junior) and Desmond Reifsnyder and Emerson Jeffrey (Juniors) and Atty Brown, Dezi Zaman, Geneva Shimmick, Sabrina Calas, Peter Benson, Axel Eschholz, Gianna Turk and Yarrow Fabian (Freshmen)

The MDI Speech Team participated in five events. They were: Oral Interpretation of Literature (students present pieces of prose--often short stories, and poetry), Novice Poetry, Storytelling, Novice Prose, and Duo (an event that is more dramatic and presented with two students).

18 schools from all over the state competed at Saturday's event at Bangor High School.

The MDI Speech Team brought home the following awards:

Oral Interpretation of Literature - 4th place: Desmond Reifsnyder, 5th place: Ella Pappas
Novice Poetry - 1st place: Emerson Jeffrey
Novice Prose - 1st place: Geneva Shimmick, 2nd place: Dezirae Zaman ,4th place: Yarrow Fabian, Honorable Mention: Atty Brown
Duo- 5th place: Peter Benson and Axel Eschholz

According to Coach Davonne Pappas

The entire team performed exceptionally well yesterday. As we are pretty far away from many of the tournaments, we do not attend them all. This year, we will attend one other regular season tournament--in Lewiston on December 17th. And we will attend the state tournament in Brunswick on January 28th. We will also have an informal presentation of our team’s pieces before our next meet, and we are planning a formal presentation of our work from this season on an evening in March. We’ll keep you posted on date, time, and place.

Thanks to Davonne Pappas for the information