One of the most amazing things about Maine is that in times of need, Mainers take care of Mainers. Such is the case right now, where Mount Desert Island residents are banding together in the memory of Maiysha Somers-Jones, beloved artist from Bar Harbor, and her two beautiful children who perished in a house fire in Old Town this week. There were no working smoke detectors in their home.

Now, through Thanksgiving week, you can drop off cash or checks (made out to “McEachern & Hutchins”) at  the main desk of the Jesup Memorial Library in Bar Harbor or at McEachern & Hutchins Hardware Store in Southwest Harbor. All funds collected by the end of Thanksgiving Week will be used to purchase (at cost: $20 EACH) and distribute smoke detectors to those who need them in collaboration with local fire departments and other outreach agencies, such as the Bar Harbor Food Pantry.