Senior pranks... They take some work! You want them to be memorable, but you try not to go over the line. Last year the MDI Class of 2014 put a sail boat on the roof of Mount Desert Island High School. The Brewer High School Class of 2014 put their school on sale on Craigslist for 2014 or best offer!

This year, the MDI Class of 2015 spent a long night in the principal's office! When Mr. Haney came in this morning, he was greeted with a office covered in post it notes, with a little saying reminding everyone of the Class of 2013's prank.

I don't know how these seniors passed though, they may want to check the spelling of "Rite", because even though I graduated from high school 38 years ago, I'm thinking it should have been "Right" and this is WRONG!

I'm sure Mr. Haney is all set on post-it notes for the 2015-16 school year, and will remember this prank fondly! No word on what the Department of Education thought when they went on a tour of the school this morning!

Well done Class of 2015!