A video of an eruption on the side of the sun looks pretty awesome, until you figure out how big it was - Five Earths wide and 7 1/2 Earths tall. That makes it really awesome! And really scary.

I'm a member of the 'space generation.' I remember watching the first man walk on the moon, I watched a rocket carrying a satellite from the visitors' observation area at Cape Canaveral, and I saw the beginnings of a runway being built there for a new kind of spaceship that would launch like a rocket and land like a plane. (yep, the space shuttle)

I've always been fascinated by space and its massive proportions. But it still gave me pause when I watched this video and tried to imagine if Earth (or any other planet or moon) had been within the fire range of this massive explosion.

Still, even with the dangers involved in such an eruption, including its potential effects on the Earth's electronics, you have to admit that the video is pretty cool! And admire the technology that allows us to get such at up-close view of the sun from a relatively safe distance away. Science is awesome!