Two women from Maine did it again Wednesday night, by winning big on Wheel of Fortune, according to FOX - TV22.

Laura Oliver from Nobleboro, and Beth Day of Pittsfield, participated in 'Girl's Getaway Week' on Wheel, and combined won over $63,000!! The finished the final puzzle and won $37,000, and when combined with their winnings during the first part of the show ended up with over $60K.

This is part of a long streak of Mainers doing pretty well on game shows. Folks have been on Jeopardy, and because of the WOF auditions a while back, there have been quite a number of contestants from Maine appearing on the long-running game show.

I've always had a dream of being on The Price Is Right, but since I hate to fly, I'll likely never get the chance. But it's nice to know that Mainers out there with more guts than I have are out there taking as much of that Hollywood money they can scoop up. I could think of a lot worse ways to make sixty grand.

So, congrats to Laura and Beth on their big win! More Mainers making other Mainers proud!

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