Jodi Therault of Portland will appear on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge in head to head competition, and maybe even get a chance at winning $10,000!

Jodi, 34, is a fitness instructor who really pushes herself to the furthest extreme. According to a press release, "After getting hit by a car, her doctor told her that she would have trouble walking.  But against her doctor’s advice, Jodi entered a marathon and placed. Giving up isn’t an option for Jodi – ever.  With a background as an All-American soccer player, kickboxer and marathon runner, Jodi has the skill set and the gas tank to take her all the way to the Skullbuster,"

And if you're wondering what the Skullbuster is, it's "the toughest obstacle course in America" and if Jodi is the last person standing in competition, she will have earned the right to take it on, and maybe win the $10,000 prize! Jodi will be up against seven other women in the competition.  To see what Jodi's up against, go HERE!

What will Jodi do with the cash?  She'll take her kids to Disney World!

Steve ‘Stone Cold’ Austin is a six-time World Wrestling Federation Champion. The program will air on Sunday, February 14 at 8 p.m. on CMT.