Corey and Joey Blanchard, brothers from Trenton, Maine, have a combined 57 years of experience finding lobsters in the Atlantic Ocean.  Earlier this week, the men found something they'd never before experienced...

Neptune's Trident.

"It was just floating there and I probably wouldn't have even seen it if the sun hadn't hit it just right," Corey explained to this Modern Philosopher as he pointed out the exact spot in the ocean where he came across the personal weapon of the god of the sea.  "I thought maybe it had just fallen off another boat, but when we hauled it in, I noticed it was wicked heavy, and it just felt like it was something fancy and important if that makes sense."

I had some idea of what the lobstermen meant.  The Devil, who is a frequent uninvited guest at The House on the Hill, often leaves behind his pitchfork.  That thing has a very unique heft and aura to it as well.

"We knew it had to belong to someone who was gonna be out looking for it," Joey picked up the tale.  "So we turned the boat around and went back out to sea, heading in the direction we assumed the trident came from."

"The first thing we noticed, was that the traps we'd just emptied were suddenly full again.  I'm talking bursting with lobsters."

Corey shook his head excitedly.  "So we start hauling up the traps and can't freakin' believe it.  There's more lobsters than we've seen all Summer, and these are traps we just emptied ."

Soon, the coolers were filled to the brim and the deck of The Lobstah Dinnah was covered with lobsters.  "Obviously, we'd found our good luck charm," Joey shared, "but we knew the only way to keep the luck was by returning the trident to its proper owner."

That's when Neptune appeared on the scene.  "I don't know how I misplaced it," Neptune told this Modern Philosopher with a chuckle as he gave my Ocean Toga a big thumbs up. "Aquaman told me recently that I'd lose my head if it weren't bolted on.  I'd checked all over the ocean floor and finally decided to check up on the surface.  That's when I saw The Lobstah Dinnah approaching."

The Blanchard Brothers were awestruck when they saw who was waiting for them and realized what it was they had found in the Atlantic.  "We're a couple of lobster guys from Trenton, Maine," Joey told me humbly.  "We'd never met a god before."

"Not true," Corey corrected his older sibling.  "We met Zeus at that rally for Mayor McCheese last month."

"But that was just from a distance," Joey countered.  "We didn't get the chance to talk to Zeus or shake his hand."

And what did Neptune think of the Blanchards?  "Wicked good people!" he replied with a booming laugh that sent ripples out across the Atlantic.  "They could've run off with my favorite trident, but they came out looking for its owner.  That deserved a special reward beyond a bounty of lobsters."

So Neptune did what any god of the sea would do... he brought the Brothers Blanchard to Atlantis for a personal tour.

"Coolest.  Thing.  Ever!" they told me in unison as their faces lit up brighter than the Summer sun.

They decided not to tell me too many specifics about their tour because they felt that Neptune wanted them to keep it for themselves.  I had absolutely no problem with that.  They just used a lot of superlatives, spoke in unison quite a bit, and had a star struck look in their eyes the entire time.

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