A report of a woman who allegedly intentionally hit a snowbank with her car led police to what is believed to be a methamphetamine lab in Bangor. So far, no drug charges have been filed, but police say more charges are expected.

It all started when an off-duty officer witnessed a woman driving her car into a snowbank. It appeared to the officer that Amanda Rounds, age 27 of Bangor, had intentionally done it, so the officer approached her. The officer's suspicion was aroused when they were met with belligerence when confronting her.

According to WLBZ-TV, Rounds left the scene and then allegedly intentionally hit a bicycle ridden by a man she was known to have had a previous altercation with. As it turns out, the two share a residence at 141 Birch Street with a relative.

Suspicious that the incident was drug-related, Maine Drug Enforcement Agents conducted a search of the Birch Street home and found evidence consistent with the manufacture of meth. Rounds has been charged with aggravated assault and criminal mischief. The man's identity has not been released. Police say the relative the two live with was not involved in the meth operation.