Mount Desert Island High school was evacuated and the doors locked yesterday after a teacher found what they considered to be a suspicious drawing. The incident, that began after school had been dismissed for the day, turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Bar Harbor Police say a teacher discovered the drawing mixed in with a pile of papers after classes had been dismissed for the day. Police are not disclosing the contents of the drawing, but called it 'suspicious and concerning but indirect.' Administrators called police who evacuated students involved in after-school activities from the building. They were taken to the end of the drive to await rides home, the doors were locked, and the driveway blocked.

The 15-year-old student responsible for the drawing wasn't at the school, but called in and was cooperative with police when they found out what was going on. The student said the drawing was not meant to be threatening and was very sorry that it was construed that way.

The student said the picture was drawn early in the day and left on a desk, under a stack of papers. It wasn't discovered until later that day, when the teacher was cleaning up the room in preparation for the next day.

Administrators and police searched the building and, when nothing was found, reopened the doors. School will go on as normal today. Bar Harbor Police say no charges will be filed against the student responsible for the drawing.