It started innocently enough, with kids making Sundaes, but quickly escalated into an all-out food fight!

The project involved Moms who have either survived breast cancer or who are currently under treatment. Their kids were given the task of making the world's best ice cream sundae. And then, as a surprise, the kids were told they had to feed their sundaes to their Moms.

What resulted was an all-out food fight and a lot of laughs! A nice bonding moment for these families who have experienced too much 'serious' in recent years. The video will definitely make you smile!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you haven't had your mammogram this year, schedule it today. Prevention is your best defense, so catch it early while the chances of successful treatment are better. I've already had two biopsies in my life and so I know how scary it is to have the mammogram and, especially, to be told you have to come back. But knowing is better, and healthier, than not knowing!

Home breast exams are important, but they're not enough. Schedule that mammogram today! You can get more information on the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition's website.