Juliet is a beautiful 2-3 year old long-haired kitty who is mostly white with dramatic black markings!

Juliet came to the shelter as a feral cat and she has been with us a long time and remains aloof, never allowing anyone to approach her. Although she lives in harmony with other cats in a community room, she prefers to keep to herself.

Juliet’s ideal life would be as a barn cat. She would enjoy having the opportunity to explore the outdoors and sharpen her hunting skills while still having a cozy place with a steady supply of food to call home. If you live in the country and have room in your home and heart for a wild-at-heart feline, please stop by the SPCA of Hancock County to visit with Juliet or any of the other wonderful cats and dogs available for adoption.

The SPCA Of Hancock County is located on Rte. 3 in Trenton.
Phone: 207- 667-8088

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