Island Connections has been providing free transportation to seniors and those with disabilities since May of 1997. They are celebrating their 27th year of service and launched their Matching Campaign which is going on through July 4th.

All donations made through July 4th, up to $15,000 will be matched dollar-for-dollar. The campaign is scheduled to end on the 4th of July to underscore the significance of supporting programs that promote freedom and autonomy among older adults and individuals with disabilities. .

According to Carissa Tinker, the Executive Director of Island Connections "Mainers are incredibly independent people. It can be hard to ask for help but we believe that seeking the resources that you need to thrive is one of the most independent things a person can do - that's where we come in."

Board President Stephanie Clement explained, "Our services not only provide vital support to seniors and people with disabilities today, but also serve as a reminder that mobility challenges can affect anyone at any stage of life. By supporting Island Connections, donors are investing in a resource that will be there for them or their loved ones when needed."

From 2016 through 2021 Island Connections dedicated volunteer drivers provided 25,000 rides to medical appointments, life-saving treatments and grocery shopping as well as other services. They are also the "wheel" for the Meals on Wheels program and deliver food for the Food Access Project.

Donations to the matching campaign may be made through Island Connection's website or mailed to 93 Cottage Street, Suite 101, Bar Harbor Maine, 04609. Call 207-288-4457 for more information.

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