I used to have a really nice looking lawn.  But, not this year.  What happened?

Grubs.  Yeah, look at the lawns as you drive by.  See all of the dead spots?  See the  crows in a feeding frenzy?

Grubs are small C shaped creatures that feed on soil, organic material and the roots of turf.  When you see one of these darkened (not green) patches of turf, get down on your knees and gently pull a piece up.  It should come up pretty easy, and chances are you'll see one of these fat, well fed grubs happily feasting away.

Grubs will kill your lawn.  Raccoons, skunks and crows will destroy it, as they dig up the turf and fling it aside in search of these tasty bugs.

Here's what you do, and it's not a quick fix.

Go to your neighborhood hardware store and get some sort of insect control that you can spread on your lawn.  Make sure that you spread it on a day where it's eventually going to rain, so that the material gets down to where the bugs reside.  Then later, seed the area and keep it wet.  Your lawn will eventually grow back.

You'll have to spread more insect control/preventer later in the season to keep them away.

The picture above was taken this week in Ellsworth, where until recently grubs haven't been a real bad problem.  They are now.