Each year the Red Cross provides assistance to more than 2 million service men and women and many of our nation's veterans. At Christmastime, they invite everyone to send Christmas cards to members of the military serving overseas, but also to retired Veterans living in Veterans homes. We wanted to let you know that the deadline is Friday, December 6th, so if you're thinking about doing it, get them in the mail this week!

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to live away from your family for months, or years at a time. And Christmas must be the toughest time to serve overseas. So those Christmas cards, even from people you don't know, must be heartwarming. Knowing that someone thought of you and wanted to make your day a little brighter!

There have been card signings at Veterans' Homes around the country, including one on Tuesday in Bangor that was attended by Senator Susan Collins. But you can do your part simply by dropping one or more of your own cards in the mail.

The Red Cross does have a few simple guidelines for the cards. And there's a specific address you need to send them to. Click the button below for all the information you need. And remember....get them in the mail, postmarked by Friday, December 6th!