If you're vacationing here in Maine, there are at least 9 things that you must eat before you exit the Pine Tree State!  And no, we're not gonna make you try Moxie.

Mainers know what these edible goodies are, where to get them, and how great they taste!  So, to all you folks "from away", pull up a fork and take note.  Oh, and a bib too.

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    Of course.  Lobster is what Maine is known for, and you can eat it in a variety of different ways.  Stews, bisque, salads, on a pizza, in a roll or just on a plate.  Don't get grossed out when you come across the tomalley, remember, true Mainers eat the green stuff.

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    Poutine is a pile of french fries and cheese curds topped with gravy.  This Canadian dish may sound odd to you, but it'll give your taste buds a thrill.  The further north you go in our state the better it tastes.

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    Red hot dogs

    Red hot dogs, or, Red Snapper hot dogs are certainly a favorite of the locals.  Whether it's at the race track on a Saturday night or hot off the grill out to camp, we bet you can't eat just one.

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    Pat's Pizza

    Back in 1931, Pat Farnsworth open a cafe in Orono, he served pizza, the college kids loved it, and the rest is history!  Now, Pat's Pizza restaurants are a Maine institution from Portland to Bar Harbor.  You can't leave for home without having one.

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    Whoopie Pies

    How could you come to the Maine and not try the state's official dessert!  Think of a big round Devil Dog, but much better!  Two big round pieces of chocolate cake loaded with vanilla frosting in the middle make for a truly tasty treat, and a whole bunch of calories!

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    Yup, it's edible, and filled with vitamins, antioxidants,iodine, and calcium.  Seaweed is commonly consumed in Asian countries and not so much in Maine, but we have more than enough of this super good for you greenery to toss in any size salad! Just pretend it's kale.

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    Blueberry Pie

    Blueberries are in season during the summer months, and we have a bunch of 'em.  Harvesting blueberries is something that every kid in the area did while growing up, and they know how tasting they are!  The pies are pretty easy to make because you don't have to peel a blueberry.  Besides grandma's house, where are the best blueberry pies located?  Some would say Helen's Restaurant in Machias.

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    Potato harvesting is a huge industry in Northern Maine, but their goodness spills over the entire state.  As a matter of fact, people stand in long lines to just sample Maine baked potatoes at the Eastern States Exposition in Massachusetts every September. Of course we have our own Potato Blossom Festival right here in the state!  Bake 'em or fry 'em, there's none better on the planet!

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    Maine is filled with hard working people that dig in the flats almost every day of the year.  You'll find steamed clams at most of the local's Fourth of July celebrations out to camp, and you'll find the fried variety coupled up with french fries or onion rings at clam shacks up and down the coast! Watch out for sand in the bellies!