The folks at Hannaford are recalling their triple layer chocolate cakes that were made within their in-store bakeries because of a labeling snafu.

The 6.5" triple layer chocolate cakes were sold between March 7th and 16th, and the labeling is missing important information about being allergic to milk or dairy products in general.  Customers who are allergic to milk products and who may eat the chocolate cake may experience wheezing, nausea, hives, or diarrhea.

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If you are allergic to milk and other dairy products you are probably already in the habit of checking food product labels, if not, you should be. So far Maine's biggest grocery chain hasn't received any reports of illness or injury.

The cake comes in a 31.5 ounce size, and the UPC # is 4126872346.

The grocery store chain informs us that you can return you triple layer chocolate cake for a full refund, providing that you or someone close to you hasn't eaten it already.  We're guessing that it's already been consumed.

The customer relations phone # for Hannaford is 1-800-213-9040.

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