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Even with snow banking the plastic frames, the inside of the greenhouses at Wiswell Farm in Orrington have been warm, humid, and bustling with activity as the family prepares for another season.

Since 1772 nine generations have lived and worked at Wiswell Farm in Orrington, and for many, the opening of their greenhouses signals the true start of Spring.

Henry Wiswell says has was asked back in the early 80’s to help supply flowers for the now defunct Payne Garden stand in Orrington and that's really how they got their start with the greenhouses. He says it's pretty expensive running a greenhouse operation but he does it to keep the historic farm operational and he and his family enjoy seeing customers every season.

About three years ago now Wiswell went "green" by reducing their use of harsh chemical pesticides. Now they control un-wanted pests by using other "good" bugs called beneficials.

With greenhouses opening, and the Garden Show in Bangor this weekend, the winter cold and gray will soon be a distant memory, at least for a few months.

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