The town of Gouldsboro voted to fire Police Chief Paul Gamble last week.

According to the Ellsworth American, the town council voted to fire Gamble on Wednesday evening, just three days before his probationary period would have been completed. Town Manager Bryan Kaenrath would only tell the paper that it's a personnel matter, and so he declined the opportunity to comment.

Gamble told the EA that he's been called before the council a couple of times to explain some expenditures. He said there have been numerous complaints that his cruiser has often been seen out of town. He said he was advised that it would be better for him to use his own truck whenever he had to head out of Gouldsboro. Gamble says he's exploring his legal options and may challenge the firing.

The loss of Gamble takes the force down to one full-time officer, Tyler Dunbar, and one part-time reserve officer, Kenneth Schuurman. Kaenrath says former police officer Glenn Grant will likely take over the responsibilities as interim chief, until a new one can be hired.