Friday afternoon, in Eastern Maine it's 20 degrees, and the windchill is 7 degrees, but in Fort Meyers the weather is sunny, and it's 71 degrees! It's time to think Spring, and get your Sox on!

WDEA AM 1370 kicks off it's coverage of Red Sox baseball this weekend! For over 50 years, WDEA AM 1370 has been the station that Eastern Maine has turned to, to find the Red Sox games on the radio! We will have 14 Spring Training games, and then all 162 regular season games, and hopefully playoff and world series games on WDEA AM 1370

Our preseason baseball game schedule is :

Date                                        Game                                      Airtime / First Pitch 

Saturday,  March 1                 Sox at Twins                           1:00p / 1:05p

Sunday, March 2                     Sox vs Orioles                       1:00p / 1:05p

Saturday, March 8                  Sox vs. Orioles                        7:00p / 7:05p

Sunday, March 9                     Sox at Pirates                         1:00p / 1:05p

Saturday, March 15                Sox vs. Phillies                       7:00p / 7:05p

Sunday, March 16                   Sox at Rays                           1:00p / 1:05p

Monday, March 17                 Sox vs. Cardinals                    1:00p / 1:05p

Tuesday, March 18                 Sox at Yankees                       1:00p / 1:05p

Wednesday, March 19            Sox vs. Pirates                       7:00p / 7:05p

Thursday, March 20                Sox vs. Yankees                      7:00p / 7:05p

Saturday, March 22                Sox at Braves                          1:00p / 1:05p

Sunday, March 23                   Sox vs. Rays                           1:00p / 1:05p

Thursday, March 27                Sox vs. Twins                          7:00p / 7:05p

Saturday, March 29                Sox vs. Twins                          1:00p / 1:05p