Here is a piece of good news for guys…sorta.  If you have been beating yourself up about not being able to remember the name of your new coworker or your wife's birthday you are blissfully normal.

A new research report out of Sweden studies 48,000 people  asking them how often they had problems remembering things, whether they had problems with remembering names and dates, if they could remember what they did one year ago and if they were able to remember details from conversations.  What they found is that whether a guy is 30 or 60 his ability to remember details is not so good. Women on the other hand tend to have better memories details and situations but still lack for dates and names. So apparently everybody forgets once and a while.

What I did think was more to the point is male or female the higher you education the better your memory. In other words the more you use your brain the better it works.

Also an interesting finding is that have anxiety and depression are also more forgetful.

So here is my unqualified prescription…keep learning your whole life and get your mind off yourself by helping someone else.