A 79-year-old Vermont man spent the night lost in the woods of Maine after he left his camp in Allagash to go deer hunting in the Johnson Brook area.

Brownell Bacon of Arlington, Vermont left his camp around noon on Tuesday, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife said in a Wednesday news release.

When he failed to return after dark, his friends went searching for him. They located his truck but were unable to locate Bacon. The man's friends contacted the Maine Warden Service and told game wardens Bacon was showing signs of dementia.

Game wardens searched on foot and in vehicles throughout the night, trying a variety of noise techniques to establish contact with Bacon, the release said.

Bacon emerged from the woods about 400 yards from the location of his truck at about 6 a.m. on Wednesday, shortly after game wardens fired a series of shots in an attempt to make contact with him.

He was missing a boot, his hat, his rifle and the keys to his truck. Game wardens said Bacon was confused and disoriented but otherwise in good condition.