Flick Chick here once again in the pursuit of truth, justice and keeping you from  spending your hard earned money on movies that suck! really scary one today mostly because Monsters Inc is one of my all time favorite movies, so they had some big shoes to fill and a lot of them.

Monster University is rates G and run 110 minutes.  It is listed as an animated, adventure, comedy.

The story is a prequel to Monsters Inc about Mike as a little monster hoping to be a scarer one day and Sully, whom he meets at Monster University, who has a family name to live up to and how they become a winning team or do they?


It's Disney/Pixar so needless to say visually is was fascinating and imaginative.  The story moves a little slow of the start but once it gets it's leg it ends with some good lessons for kids. There really isn't a lot of adult humor to keep the bringer laughing much however the kids in the theatre seem to stay engaged.  Over all it was a good show but it lacked the constant smile that Boo kept on your face in the first installment. so my rating, if Monster Inc is a 10 and it is...Monsters University is a clear 7.

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