Wondering what to do on your next hot date?  Go fishing!

According to a recently released survey from the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, the majority of both men and woman would fall hook, line and sinker for a fishing date.  60 percent of women and 58 percent of men would be willing to cast a line!

  • 38 percent of men said they are impressed by a woman who can bait a hook.
  • 33 million Americans fish, 73 percent male, 27 percent female.
  • 88 million Americans participate in boating, 55.7 male, 44.3 female.
  • 50 percent of couples say it’s important that their significant other shows interest in outdoor activities such as fishing.

Some two thirds of couples have gone fishing or boating, and describe the outing as exciting, relaxing, playful and romantic, nothing fishy there!

So take advantage of all our Maine lakes, ponds and even the ocean. I'm sure that you'll find something constructive to do while watching the bobber!

Now as far as cleaning the fish that you catch, that may be a different story.