This past Monday night nine Ellsworth residents stood before the City Council and voiced their concerns about fireworks.

Folks from Laurel and Maple Streets spoke about how recent fireworks displays have "agitated many residents" and "terrorized pets". Some are concerned about fire hazards and that what is left of the exploded fireworks are polluting the nearby Union River.

According to an article in the Bangor Daily News, Paula Marlo, who lives on Maple Street with a heart condition said, "“This is dangerous. I feel like half the time this [stuff] is going off, I am in Syria.”  Marlo also said that spent fireworks have landed in her driveway.

One resident mentioned that if you don't along with your neighbor, then fireworks are a great way to "make your life hell."

City Manager Michelle Beal said that she has "heard some complaints, but not a lot", and had been waiting to see if the State Legislature would revisit the issue.    After the legislative session ended with no talk of fireworks the city decided to take another look at the issue.

I live about a quarter of a mile way from this past Sunday night's display that happened on Laurel Street.  This summer it's happened a few times before at the same location.

It was about 9:45PM. The 10 to 15 minute barrage woke up my wife.  It scared the two cats that were peacefully sleeping on the end of the bed down into the cellar and under the oil tank. It made dogs in the neighborhood start to bark.

Courtland Rehabilitation and Collier's Nursing are also about a quarter of a mile away, two nursing homes packed with the elderly who are suffering from a variety of problems, including dementia.

At the speed of light a few years ago our tax hungry and thrill seeking legislature rushed the fireworks bill into law. I'm still amazed that the public wasn't allowed to vote on it.  A bill that would affect so many people.  A bill that would allow a few souls at will to disturb and disrupt so many.

If I set up the speakers on the back deck at 9:45 on a Sunday night and blared AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" at full volume for 10 to 15 straight minutes the cops at the bottom of the hill would be in my driveway in no time.

I can understand their use on the Fourth Of July.  I can understand when the City fires them off during special events.  At those times, fireworks are, special.

But for the life of me, even though it's a State law, what gives a person the right to essentially "terrorize" an entire section of the city?

Ellsworth currently allows anyone to "light 'em up" from their property between the hours of 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Bangor outlawed the personal use of fireworks in the city. I suggest that Ellsworth do the same.

'Cept on the Fourth Of July.