The program Every 15 Minutes was held yesterday at Ellsworth High School, on May 4th. Even though I had seen the entire program 2 years ago, I was greatly affected by it as I snapped photos of the crash scene. This morning, May 4th, there were funerals held for Sammy Mason and Hunter Cote at the high school. All the "living dead" have been isolated from their parents since they went to school yesterday morning. I have spoken with a few, and they can't wait until they're reunited!

I know that there have been lots of tears in the last 24 hours, including my own. This video produced by the Hancock County Technical Center's Media Department started them again today for me. Luckily,in the last hour, there have been hugs as families have been reunited. There are now tears of joy and relief, rather than tears of sadness.

Luckily, this has all been a mock exercise. Watch the video! Share it with your friends and family. Life is too short! You have to commit to make it last longer by NEVER EVER drinking and driving. Don't get into a car with someone that has been drinking and driving.

The worst feeling in the world, as a parent,  is to have the phone ring in the middle of the night. The only thing that could be possible worse, is to look out the window, and see two police officers coming to your door to tell you that your child has been in accident.

Remember... Every 15 Minutes. I hope and pray that this lesson stays with you, your family, and your loved ones forever!



Kudos to the Hancock County Technical Center's Media Department who worked throughout the night to have this video shot, edited and produced in time for the funeral on Wednesday.