There won't be any athletic events at Ellsworth High School today, May 3rd. There are no practices, there are no games. Classes are going to be disrupted. Today's a special day! It's a day to save lives! It's a day to send a message! It's a day that public safety officials from across Ellsworth and Hancock County come together to dramatically demonstrate to the students of Ellsworth High School that Every 15 Minutes someone dies as a result of alcohol related traffic accidents.

Two years ago, I spent an emotional day and a half at Ellsworth High School and as Every 15 Minutes unfolded. I wish that every school could see this! It changed me, and I reread what I wrote and watched the video I had goosebumps again. Here's the article from 2 years ago. Please read it! If you have a teenager, please make sure they read it and watch the video!

I hope to stop by and take pictures of this year's event. At the least I will post the video from Hancock County Technical Center's Media Department.

All participants will write a letter to their parents tonight as they stay away from them until they are reunited at an assembly on Wednesday. The letter begins “Dear Mom and Dad, Every 15 minutes, someone in the United States dies from an alcohol related traffic collision and today I died. I never got the chance to tell you….”