Getting little ones into bed can be hard. Getting them to fall asleep can be downright impossible.

A video of two-year-old twins playing after being put into their respective cribs has gone viral. For good reason, too: this duo is wired like someone who just got a grande anything at Starbucks.

Andrew and Ryan Balkin are the culprits. They live in New York State and their parents started watching them on camera because they would laugh after putting them down for the night.

The camera let them see the boys doing all sorts of things two-year-olds find endlessly entertaining: escaping the crib, constructing forts and tumbling. It doesn't matter if mom and dad come in the room, either. These kids are going to do whatever the feel like. Oh, and all of the furniture is bolted to the wall, so the danger is minimized.

"They're just happy and joyful and so busy," father Jonathan Balkin told Today. "They have a bond that other people who aren’t twins can appreciate."

There's no word how tired the boys were the next day, but we bet their parents were pretty darned exhausted.

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