After a recent incident the E.P.D. has shared a message on their Facebook asking motorists to use caution when you see flashing lights on a school bus.

School buses are always accompanied by children. Smaller people who are less visible and sometimes less cautious around roadways. That's why it is our job to protect them and use caution in areas they frequent.

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The Ellsworth Police Department posted this statement on their Facebook on Thursday morning:

If you meet a school bus or are behind a school bus or beside a school bus and the red lights are flashing it means that you have to STOP until the lights go off. It does not matter if there is a raised median like on High Street or multiple lanes like passing lanes or in the school yard, you must stop. A child was struck last week (fortunately not injured) and many complaints already this week. It is a criminal offense to pass a stopped school bus punishable by a substantial fine and/or jail. Please help protect our children.

As a general rule, if you are not sure if you should stop or not, just stop.