Chris Coleman, who just took the job as Police Chief in Ellsworth a little over a year ago, has announced that he plans to resign.

According to the Ellsworth American, Coleman says he just wants to try something different. He took the job as Police Chief in August of last year, after spending 25 years with the State Police. Coleman was the Commander of the Major Crimes Unit in Northern Maine before moving to the post in Ellsworth. But he told the EA, it just wasn't enough of a change from what he was doing before.

His departure from the Ellsworth PD won't be immediate, as Coleman says there are several projects he wants to see through to completion. Although he hasn't given a set date, he said he plans to finish his career in Ellsworth sometime between Thanksgiving and the first of the year. Coleman says he plans to stay in the area.

City Manager David Cole told the EA that he's sad to see Coleman go, and feels that he has had a positive impact on the department in the last year. He says city officials are in the early stages of finding a replacement.