The Housekeeping staff at the Hampton inn in Ellsworth Maine have something to boast about, and it's a big deal! Through the 1st 8 days of 2016, they are ranked #1 in cleanliness according the guest satisfaction surveys in the entire world of Hampton Inns! For the calendar year 2015, they finished 95th out of 1275 properties!

Think that's easy? Think again! Having been a General Manager of hotels for nearly 15 years of my life, I can tell you it's anything but! All you need is a little hair to be on the sheet, on the toilet, something under the bed, etc. to drive the satisfaction level down. Plus, housekeepers have only a certain amount of time to clean a room, and remember the last time you stayed in a hotel... What kind of condition did you leave the room in?

Rick Savageau the General Manager of the Ellsworth Hampton Inn said "Congratulations and thanks to all the housekeepers at our property for doing such an outstanding job! It speaks volumes of their work ethic and attention to detail!"