It was Senior Night on Wednesday, February 3rd at Ellsworth High School, a chance to honor the Ellsworth High School Girl's Cheerleaders and Girl's Basketball players as well as a chance to thank their families for all the hours they spent driving them to and from practices, missed family meals and their attendance at their daughters games and practices

Prior to the senior recognition, Ellsworth High School wanted to thank Shanon and Jim Card. Shanon had been the Booster President for years, and spent more time in the snack shack than in the stands over the years. In addition to the flowers and gift, the Cards were presented with lifetime passes to Eagle's sporting events.

Jim and Shanon Card (Photo Michelle Mahon)

Then it was time to honor the Seniors

Breann Clement

Breann Cummings and Her Parents Roxanne and Mike Cummings (Photo Michelle Mahon)

Madison Card

Madison Card and Her Parents Shanon and Jim Card (Photo Michelle Mahon)

Olivia Colby

Olivia Colby and Her Parents Tracy and Doug King (Photo Michelle Mahon)

Caitlyn Bean

Caitlyn Bean and Her Parents Susan and Ron Bean (Photo Michelle Mahon)

Kate Whitney

Kate Whitney and Her Parents Janis and Patrick Whitney (Photo Michelle Mahon)

Victoria Page Jackson

Victoria Page Jackson and Her Parents Lorianne Jackson and Burnie Gordon

Carlotta Osanna

Carlotta Osanna and Her Exchange Dad Richard Young