Even though it instructs you not to, you read the title. And you're reading still! How often do you read in the course of a day? Think about it. And how tough would life be if you couldn't read? This powerful public service announcement will make you think.

Reading is something most of us take for granted. I'm not talking about books, although I usually have one handy just in case I get a few minutes. But reading is an integral part of your life, even if you're not the type to spend time with a novel. I mean, you're reading right now!

The public service announcement is from a group called Room to Read that works to promote literacy. They want everyone to know how to read. Because, as this video will make you realize, live would be a lot harder without it.

Try it! See if you can go an hour without reading. A half hour. Ten minutes. NO reading. At all. (by the way.....you're still reading!)