It may be the only place to actively practice the Shaker faith, but it may not last much longer as there are only 3 active members!

Residing in beautiful Sabbathday Lake, Maine is the last active shaker village. Since the rapid decline of the religion for whatever reason, many Shaker villages across the country have become landmarks and museums. But not here in Maine! Here the Shakers are still sticking to the same routine they have had for over 200 years.

The daily schedule of a Shaker in Sabbathday Lake Village is as follows:

  • The day begins for many at 7:30 am; the Great Bell on Dwelling House rings, calling everyone to breakfast.
  • At 8:00 am morning prayers start. Two Psalms are read, then passages are read from elsewhere in the Bible. Following this is communal prayer and silent prayer, concluded with the singing of a Shaker hymn.
  • Work for the Shakers begins at 8:30.
  • Work stops at 11:30 for midday prayers.
  • Lunch begins at 12:00. This is the main meal for the Shakers.
  • Work continues at 1:00 pm
  • At 6:00 it is dinner time, the last meal of the day.
  • On Wednesdays at 5:00 pm they hold a prayer meeting which is followed by a Shaker Studies class.

Unfortunatly one of the last, longtime Shakers recently passed away. The Associated Press shared the video below of Sister Marie Frances Burgess before her passing.

Some speculate the religion isn't thriving because it requires hard work, no alcohol, celibacy, and worship 3 times a day.

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