There's nothing unusual about hitting a deer, unless the deer does a gainer and then runs off. Wow! Dramatic video from the dashboard cam of a police cruiser.

Living in the country, like I do, everyday you leave the house is another day you might hit a deer. I see lots of them on my way into work, and even had one run into the side of my car. In that case, a small doe was running down a driveway as I was passing by. She tried to skid to a stop, but slid into my back door instead, and then running off down the road. It happened so fast, I didn't have time to react, although I did turn around and drove back by, just to make sure she wasn't lying hurt on the road.

But in this case, it happens so fast that you don't even see the deer (through the dash cam anyway) until it bounces off the hood. One quick flip through the air and the deer's on the ground. Is it injured? Well, he gets up and runs off, so it doesn't appear like he's hurt too badly. I'll bet the Kentucky police officer had to pull over and take a few deep breaths though! Be sure to watch to the end to learn how the police use the video to their advantage and also had some fun with it!