Craigslist can really be an awesome place to find hidden treasures, and there's even a entire section of free stuff!

But, while some of the stuff on Craigslist is great, there are some other things that just make you shake your head and ask...why?

Here's a look at some head-scratchers from the Maine Craigslist:


A 'vintage boat'

So many things wrong with this one. First, let's deal with the use of "vintage," that generally means something of high quality from the past. This boat waved good-bye to quality years ago, and vintage is well in the proverbial rear-view mirror.

Next, there is the very honest claim that the boat hasn't seen the water in a while. That claim is substantiated by the small garden springing up from it. Usable boats generally don't come with pre-installed plant life.

Seriously, this boat looks like it would sink on land in a light rain...

But it's it's got that going for it, which is nice.


A lawn toilet....

Sure, the ad says it came from a bathroom renovation...but how exactly do you test a lawn toilet????


Rabbit heads

This one seems pretty straight forward. I get the coyote bait thing...but would you really want to have a freezer full of rabbit heads? Somewhere Bugs Bunny is weeping sadly...


Baby pine trees

This is another one that seems pretty straightforward, but my issue is with the picture. Surely, they could have photographed the actual pine trees instead of laying a picture of a moose on a rug and using that. And to top it off, THERE ARE NO PINE TREES  IN THE MOOSE PHOTO! What are they hiding????? And does the moose photo come with the trees? So many questions...


A 10-foot satellite dish

A 10-foot dish on a 30-foot pole - maybe if you were trying to communicate with deep space aliens, but you could probably do better with DirecTV or Dish....