Yesterday was Easter, and my wife, Bonnie, and I were missing our younger son, Collin, who is on the Appalachian Trail. We hadn't heard from him in a couple of days, as he was walking through the Smoky Mountains, and cell service wasn't reliable.

We were commenting that it was the first time he wasn't with us for Easter, and this is the first time we hadn't had one of our children around to make Easter baskets for, because even though, they're 25 and 23 we still enjoy giving them some Easter candy and a few little things.

Well we didn't have to worry about Collin, because someone had left a little trail magic for those walking on the Appalachian Trail on Easter!

Easter Trail Magic

To the kind hearted soul who left chocolate bunnies, donuts, snickers bars and Coke for the Appalachian Trail, I can't express my thanks enough! I hope that if Collin gets into New England that I'll be able to repay this thoughtful gesture and make some trail magic of my own for the trekkers!

Collin is in Hot Springs North Carolina. He's gone 274.4 miles, and if he makes it all the way, he has 1914.8 miles to go. I'm so proud of him. If he doesn't walk any further he's achieved so much.

Here's a sign he snapped a picture of this morning.

Day 25 on the Appalachian Trail

I'm glad he made it into Hot Springs as he had run out of food. They were up at 5:45 am this morning, trekking into Hot Springs. When I spoke to him at 10:40 am he was in town and in search of food, as he hadn't had anything to eat this morning. Luckily he's restocked, and we are going to send him a mail drop so he will have some supplies when he gets to Erwin Tennessee which is 68.5 miles away.