As a new fan of 'The Walking Dead,' (thanks to JR for nagging me until I watched it) I thought it would be fun to be a Zombie for Halloween. So, I did a little test run on Wednesday to see how the make-up would come out. Not bad....for a first try!

Originally, I'd intended to show the entire process of putting on the make-up. But the video turned out to be about 10 minutes long. (and pretty boring!) So I decided to just show the last portion so you could see the finished product.

I started out smearing some liquid latex in a few places. I didn't use a lot, since this was just a test run. Once the latex dries, I pulled on it, put some holes in it, and left pieces hanging to look like torn skin.

Then I covered my face in white cream make-up and then used a stippling sponge to add some grey. I'm going to alter that a little, since I think the make-up came out too white. I then shaded my eyes, cheekbones, and forehead with black. A little green and yellow here and there to look like bruises, and, of course, some red! I hope to make some improvements on Friday, but it wasn't bad considering I haven't done this in years.

After the make-up was done, it was time for hair. In the video I'm smearing conditioner in my hair to make it nice and greasy. I mean, Zombies don't wash their hair. Add some teeth and it's done!

So, this afternoon I'll work on putting together an outfit of torn and dirty clothes and break some sunglasses to cover my eyes (since I don't have contacts to make my eyes look dead).  Plus I have a couple of surprises for tomorrow to make it look even more convincing. I can't wait to see the finished product! Happy Halloween!