I was at Miller Drug yesterday in Bangor, and there was a firetruck there, as one of the firemen was inside picking up a prescription. As the rest of the firefighters were waiting, a father approached the firemen and asked if his daughter could have a picture next to the firetruck.

Well, no sooner had that happened, then they opened the doors to the truck, had the little girl in the driver's seat, one of their helmets on her head, and I believe they were getting ready to have her wear one of the turn out coats :)

All of this made me think back to when my grandparents lived in Framingham, Massachusetts, and their property abutted the fire station. Whenever we went to visit my grandparents, we would always go visit the fire station! It was always the same, the would let us try on all the gear, put the lights on, have us climb in the trucks, and there was even a time or two, that they let us slide down the fire pole with them!

When my children were little, and I was on the Bangor City Council, they used to ride in the fire truck during the 4th of July parade. I remember one time, it was so hot, and I bought them ice cream along the route. They were such a mess, that I think they needed to hose out the fire truck to clean up the melted ice cream and chocolate :)

I would encourage you to bring your small children to visit the fire department! Whether they are full time, part time or volunteer, firefighters love to visit with little children. It's important that children see firefighters in all their turnout gear, so they know that even if they look scary, they are there to help!

Thanks to the Bangor firefighters yesterday, who sparked a lot of great memories for me, and made memories for this dad and his daughter!