There's a lot to celebrate this weekend! The Ellsworth High School Class of 2013 graduates, it's Father's Day, the sun is going to shine, and the City of Ellsworth is celebrating it's Sestercentennial (that's 250 years to you and me)!

May I suggest you try the Atlantic Brewing Company's Ellsworth Sestercentennial Ale? As you can see from picture, it's a big bottle, 1 pint 6 fluid ounces and is 5% alcohol. It's available at the Atlantcic Brewing Company's location in Town Hill and Bar Harbor, as well at Global Beverage Warehouse on the Myrick Lane in Ellsworth as well as other locations, I'm sure. It even has a brief history about the City of Ellsworth on the back label!

Enjoy the weekend, and if you're celebrating, please do so responsibly!