Missed Connection at Finn’s
Were you at Finn's Irish Pub in Ellsworth on Saturday, July 22nd? If so, and you are a man, this woman could be looking for you! She wrote it on Craigslist Missed Connections!
Missed Connection – Schoodic Ferry
Just as we were bemoaning the fact that there are never any Women for Men "Missed Connections" for Down East Maine, one pops up from July 5th! If you were taking the Schoodic Ferry and have blue eyes love might be in the air!
Missed Connection in Bar Harbor
Checking out the Missed Connections posts on Craigslist I came upon one for Bar Harbor! How come it's always Men for Women and not Women for Men hmmm? Anyone, in the chance that love could be there, I figured we should share it, in the hopes that love will find a way!
29th Wedding Anniversary
Happy 29th Anniversary to my wife Bonnie! I sure have changed look wise over the years, but you are just as beautiful and breath-taking as when I first met you when I went to interview for the General Manager’s job at the National Hotel on Block Island in Rhode Island nearly 33 years…
Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife [VIDEO]
I will have been married to my wife 29 years on June 25, 2017. I can safely say that I haven't said one of these things to my wife Bonnie! As Tim Hawkins sings "If you're a man who wants to live a happy life these are the things you don't say to your wife...
Love on Route 3?
While many aren't happy with the Route 3 Corridor construction in Bar Harbor and the upcoming detour that starts Monday this driver of a black car appears to be more than happy, and is searching for the "Red Headed Flagger".

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