Dad’s With Lightning Fast Reflexes [VIDEOS]
I post this in honor of Father's Day! Dads may not be born with lightning fast reflexes, or ESP, but when it comes to protecting their children, they just seem to have them and that knowledge that danger may be imminent! Check out the video and you'll see what I mean...
Puddle Prank [VIDEO]
The first time I saw this yesterday I gasped out loud and immediately had to show my wife! I mean what kid doesn't love to jump in puddles... But this prank has the young boy jumping into deeper and deeper puddles until one is deeper than he is tall all in front of complete strangers...
Funny Kid Pool Fails [VIDEO]
The way the weather is going in Maine, it will be the middle of July before anyone is able to go into the water, but I'm sure this will bring a smile to your face on a cool rainy day in May!
Puppy Power [VIDEO]
There's nothing cuter than dogs and children. Check out this video of a Belgian Malinois dog providing the "puppy power" for 3 year old Aiden. Remember the old saying of a Tiger In Your Tank (Esso)? Well the only thing better than a tiger in your tank is being pushed by a Belg…

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