You've tuned into the History Channel to see what they're all about and now you can see them in person!  The stars of "Downeast Dickering", currently Maine's most talked about TV reality series will  be making an appearance in Bangor on Thursday, June 19th.

Tony and Codfish, Clint, Bruce and Nate, Turtle, Johnny Awesome and Captain 2-Stroke, along with Yummy and Mitch will all be at annual N.H. Bragg open house on the Perry Road in Bangor, between 11am and 2pm!

Yeah, we know that none of these guys are really from Downeast Maine but you have to admit they'd fit right in!  These deal seekers are from places like Bethel, Auburn, Sangerville and Vermont, but if you landed one of them right in the middle of Stueben you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between them and the locals, yes sir.

Every year N.H. Bragg holds a huge open house where hundreds of both men and women who work with tools both professionally and around the house can talk to distributors and get great deals on great tools.

So there you go, grab that issue of Uncle Henry's and have it autographed by a Downeast Dickerer!