Easter Sunday, it's all about the greatest love story ever told, it's a story of forgiveness. It's the perfect time for Bucksport's ministers to call for forgiveness, and for the community to reconcile. In a letter written to the Bangor Daily News, Pastor Peter Remick, Pastor P. Ron Chaffee, Fr. Bruce Siket, Pastor Sybille Norris and Pastor Rose Krienke, wrote

Our community is in great pain. It is time for healing and forgiveness. We of the clergy
are here for our community. We have services every Sunday where people can come and
find peace. This is not about religious preference—this is about healing our community and making lives better for ALL—those persons that make mistakes and those who are the victims of those mistakes.


Bucksport is a great town, but because of an accident, it's divided. I don't live in Bucksport, but I hope that this letter, and the miracle of Easter can help to bring some healing to the Bucksport community.