You just knew it wouldn't take long for someone to mash-up the latest 'Godzilla' trailer with some 'Breaking Bad' clips. After all, with Bryan Cranston starring in both, it was inevitable. And here it is. You can watch it above.

The video, titled ‘Godzilla vs. Heisenberg,’ also throws in some scenes from ‘Pacific Rim’ for good measure (where else you gonna get cool-ass giant robots to stomp around, right?).

There's lots of scenes from the new 'Godzilla' trailer released earlier this week. But mostly, AwesomenessX, who made the clip, relies on 'Breaking Bad' scenes.

So there's an "I'm the one who knocks" rip. Scenes with Jesse. Scenes with Walter's hat. And best of all, a scene with Huell staring slack-jawed at a TV screen watching shots fired futilely in the air at some unknown menace, which may be a giant lizard or maybe some bald dude who deals in meth.

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