An 11-year-old boy walked into a Greenfield, Wisconsin police station recently and gave the clerk $10.03 in change. Then he just walked away. Police were so moved by the act that they used video footage to track him down to thank him and ask why. The answer will touch your heart.

Max Siepert told them that he's been learning about the September 11th attacks in school and the heroic efforts of police and fire personnel to rescue survivors. He said he just wanted to give back.

"One day it will make a difference," Max explained. "Not a really big difference, but it's something. If every person would do that it'd be such a great world. It would be awesome!"

Out of the mouths of babes. Well done, Max! We should have more people with your heart!

Police say the donation lifted morale at the station, and will be donated to the police foundation.