How do you convince people, especially kids, that the library is a fun place? Set up rows and rows of books and then knock them over like dominoes! The visual is great and I love the slapping sound as the books fall. Very cool!

That's what the Seattle Public Library did as it launched the 2013 Summer Reading program, and they set a world record doing it! The longest domino chain of books now belongs to this dedicated group of library workers and volunteers.

The first thing I thought when I saw this was, cool! The second thought was that I can't imagine any library allowing their books to be used this way. That's when I read the paragraph under the video stating that all the books they used were either donated or out of date, and not a part of the library's collection. And as an added bonus, the books are for sale to raise money for library programs and services.

It's an impressive display, and I have to commend the volunteers for adding people sitting and reading in the midst of all the falling books. It makes for a very pleasing video!